Lee With Landscape in Mind - Joe Cornish DVD

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27.67 In stock Lee With Landscape in Mind - Joe Cornish DVD
Lee With Landscape in Mind - Joe Cornish DVD
Price: 27,67 €
With Landscape in Mind is a feature length documentary from Light and Land, produced by Environment Films. 
Trained as a fine artist, the film’s presenter Joe Cornish is a landscape photographer, originally from the South West, who has made the North East of England his home. With Landscape in Mind documents his journey from coast to coast across the north of England - tracing a path from the industrial mouth of the river Tees, across the stark and beautiful limestone scenery of the Yorkshire Dales, to the Lake District, arguably England's most romantic and spectacular landscape.
The photographer's aesthetic and physical challenges in this upland landscape form the main themes of the film. Fascinated by industry and agriculture, as well as the much older signature of climate and geology in shaping these landscapes, Joe Cornish delivers an intensely curious eyewitness account that narrates the landscape’s story. The film is a perfect combination of technical instruction and inspiration making it a ‘must have’ for all photographers, be they advanced and amateur, but also for all those who simply love to be in the great outdoors.
The film crew and Joe Cornish experience all kinds of weather, proving you don’t need ‘good’ weather for good photography. In fact the rain in one forest location only serves to make the colours richer, while drizzle in the Dales renders the landscape soft and mysterious.

The DVD is 55 minutes long.
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