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Haida ND8 / ND 0.9 Full Filter Optical Glass (150x150)

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362 In stock Haida ND8 / ND 0.9 Full Filter Optical Glass (150x150)
Haida ND8 / ND 0.9 Full Filter Optical Glass (150x150)
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The Haida NDx8 has been designed for use on long exposures or reduce the dept of field. It is primarily used to control the image on longer exposures allowing use of much slower shutter speeds.

The visible effects created by using longer exposures is the effect of motion blur on any movement within your pictures, such as clouds, waterfalls, seas and rivers.

The filter is fitted with a gasket perimeter, which creates a seal between the filter holder and lens, thus reducing light spillage around the sides of the filter.

Compatible with holders: Haida 150, Lee SW150, Nisi 150
Production code: HD3172
Kod EAN: 6900574602829
  • Filter type
    Full ND
  • Full Filter size
  • Full Filter Density
    ND 0.9 / NDx8
  • Filters mounting
    Haida M15
    Lee SW 150
    Nisi 150 (S5)
  • Serie
    Haida Standard

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