Haida M15 Magnetic Nano-coating CPL Filter

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197.91 In stock Haida M15 Magnetic Nano-coating CPL Filter
Haida M15 Magnetic Nano-coating CPL Filter
Haida M15 Magnetic Nano-coating CPL Filter
Price: 197,91 €

The Haida M15 Magnetic Circular Polarizer designed for use with the Haida M15 Filter Holder Systems. This magnetic Circular Polarizer, once placed on the front of the Filter Holder can be rotated independently of the filters you have in the holder itself, by way of the outer cog wheel on the M15 Filter Holder. This innovative design by Haida will make using a Polarizer with Super Wide angle lenses amazingly simple!

The new design allows the magnetic circular polarizer filter (CPL) to be attached to the holder, which does away with annoying screw in threads, allowing for quicker setup times. With less time spent on assembly you have more time to spend on the creative process.

Haida M15 CPL Filter is made of the highest quality optical glass, coated on both sides with multilayer Nano coatings, reducing reflections, resistant to water and scratches. Through the new production process, Haida filters have been completely free of dust and are completely neutral. The double-sided Nano coating makes the glass exceptionally resistant to dirt and scratches. Water is rolling over the surface, and cleaning is very easy and fast.

Circular polarizing filters allow photographers to achieve creative, in-camera, effects not possible after the image is created. A polarizing filter simply filters out unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass in addition to light reflecting off moisture and pollution in the atmosphere. By rotating ultra-smooth filter you can select just the right amount of filtration needed to achieve the creative effect. This results in bluer skies, greener leaves, reduced or eliminated reflections, and greater clarity in your final image

  • Dedicated to M15 Fitler Holder
  • Constructed by High Quality K9 Optical Glas
  • Anti-Color Cast
  • Anti-Reflection
  • Nano-Coating
  • Helps to Eliminate Reflections and Glare
  • New Magnetic Filter Design for Quick Installation
Production code: HD4365
Kod EAN: 6972288550673
  • Shape
  • Filter type
    Circular polarizer
  • Full Filter size
  • Filters mounting
    Haida M15
  • Serie
    Haida NanoPro

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